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Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul

Personal & Corporate Wellness Workshops

“If we would just slow down, happiness would catch up to us.” – Richard Carlson

What can a Wellness Workshop do for you?  How can Wellness improve your organization?


Combat repetitive stress injuries


Improve productivity and concentration


Increase overall well-being and health


Reduce physical and mental fatigue

Upcoming Workshops:

Nothing scheduled at the moment…enjoy the rest of your summer!

There are many workshops to choose from.  Some examples are:

Stress Buster Workshop

Stretch-Relax-Renew-simple relaxation exercises that fit into your daily routine

The Healing Power of Laughter

Experience the natural joys & healing benefits of laughter

Getting Published: Get Started!

Learn how to get organized, research potential publishers and more

Stress Buster Workshop: Stretch ~ Relax ~ Renew

  • Is stress keeping you from doing and feeling your best?
  • Does that “3 o’clock slump” regularly bring you down…figuratively and literally?
  • Looking for simple ways to feel and be healthier?

Experience deep breathing, feel-good stretching and simple relaxation exercises that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine – at work, at home or while traveling.

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Meditation: It’s Not What You Think

Meditation helps quiet the mind, calm the emotions, and promote peace and serenity. The positive effects are well documented: heart and respiration rates slow, blood pressure drops, and physical symptoms of stress decrease. Although we may be aware of the benefits, for many of us meditation is a challenge: I can’t find the time. I’ve tried meditation but couldn’t concentrate. I can’t sit still for that long. Sound familiar?

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Energy Balancing for Health and Harmony

Our energy centers (known in Eastern traditions as chakras, or “wheel”) play an essential role in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. It is through these centers that life force energy is processed. Enjoy a restorative energy tune-up through calming breathing techniques and focused exercises, promoting health, vitality and harmony.

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