The best compliments are references from past and present clients.

Olivia’s calm energy yet excited focus never ceases to amaze me.  If you’re thinking a workshop or creative session won’t help, you’re wrong.  Get energized, motivated and moving forward with Olivia.

Angela Hurwitz

Olivia is a long-time colleague and, for many years, one of my most valued professional resources. I first met Olivia when I was Director of Marketing and Public Relations at a community hospital in Massachusetts. I engaged her to produce a comprehensive medical staff directory. The results were superb. Since then I have had the opportunity to read much of her work and to witness her many accomplishments in this field. A published writer herself, she is also a sharp-eyed editor with the ability to synthesize large amounts of information, organize it and turn it into comprehensible and, when needed, powerful narrative or prose. As an added bonus, she is smart as a proverbial whip, able to establish credibility and trust quickly, and just plain fun to be around. –

Janice Kinder

Principal, Workplaces Can Work

I met Olivia through a mutual friend and it was her openness to spirituality, wellness and healing that I loved! My novel addresses matters of spirituality, which makes Olivia the perfect editor for a writer who is pursuing the path of self-awareness and healing. I feel safe and comfortable working with her and deeply grateful that we met.

Gina Brennan


Our Yoga studio has hosted Olivia several times for her Chakra and Laughter workshops. All her sessions have been professional and well-attended by my clients. Participants are happy when they leave!

Lynnette Walker

Owner, Yoga Center of Cape Cod, E. Dennis MA

I can’t thank you enough, Olivia, for another wonderful meditation series. It is always a pleasure to have you here and everyone greatly enjoyed your seminars once again!

Laura Suwena

Fitness & Wellness Manager, Biogen Weston Fitness Center, Weston MA

Copyediting is not an easy job, but proofreading my work can be especially challenging. I write a weekly birding column, but proper wordage is not my strong suit. Thus, I never submit a column to the newspaper without having Olivia read it first. She not only has the skills and patience needed to improve what I’ve written, but she also “gets” my relaxed style and never tries to transform it into something that’s not my voice. BTW: The Ask the Bird Folks column has been published for over 16 years, is in several newspapers, has spawned two books, and continues to win accolades. Thank you, Olivia.

Mike O’Connor

Owner, Bird Watchers General Store