The Healthy Back Deck

50 Simple Techniques for a Pain-Free Back
By Olivia Miller with Beverly Biondi, Licensed Physical Therapist
Illustrations by Nicole Kaufman
Published by Chronicle Books, Spring 2008

Nearly as prevalent as the common cold, back-related pain issues are the second most frequent reason that people give for visiting their doctor. In the U.S., more than 31 million people suffer from back pain. A major cause of this is “lifestyle issues” – sitting too much, improper posture, insufficient rest, lack of exercise, muscular tension and strain, ergonomic problems and our old pal, stress.

That’s where THE HEALTHY BACK DECK can help. The 50-card deck features stretches and meditations designed to restore, repair, and maintain a strong, fit, and pain-free back! Each illustrated card features step-by-step guidance, as well as informative tips and techniques about basic back care.

Warm-up and Exercise Cards THE HEALTHY BACK DECK includes 6 warm-up and 41 exercise cards. The warm-ups help prepare your body and limber your back. Activity cards include exercises done from seated, kneeling, standing, prone (on the stomach) and supine (on the back) positions. Collectively, they will help stretch the spine, improve posture and alignment, increase flexibility, strengthen core abdominal muscles, relieve back strain and pain, and loosen areas of tightness. Additionally, each card features a tip – called “Back Talk” – providing an extra bit of helpful information.

Meditation Cards Also included are 3 meditation cards to assist with reducing the stress and tension that can lead to back-related pain. Letting go of the emotional and mental loads we take on in our lives can be a beneficial way of lightening our physical and psychic burdens.

You’re only as young as your spine is strong! THE HEALTHY BACK DECK is a handy and accessible resource for bringing a lasting end to an aching back…or preventing one before it occurs!

The deck is available on Amazon.