The Prenatal Yoga Deck

50 Poses and Meditations
By Olivia Miller with Diane Philos Jensen, Certified Childbirth Educator
Medical Consultant: Dr. Maryanne Clasby Bombaugh, OB/GYN
Illustrations by Nicole Kaufman
Published by Chronicle Books, Spring 2003

Yoga is an ideal way for mothers-to-be to prepare for birth and labor, stay healthy, and cope with the changes and demands on a woman’s body that occur during pregnancy. The Prenatal Yoga Deck makes it easy with 50 cards that feature specially selected warm-ups, poses, breathing exercises and meditations. One side features an accurate and beautifully drawn illustration; the reverse side describes how to do the pose, breathing exercise or meditation, and lists the many benefits that may be enjoyed. Affirmations – to truly unite body, mind and spirit ­ are also included. Suggested combinations and coding by trimester help the user create a routine and adapt it as the pregnancy progresses. This physician-approved, portable deck is perfect for use at home, at work, or even on the delivery table.

The Prenatal Yoga Deck:

  • Promotes fitness and flexibility
  • Tones the pelvic area
  • Increases circulation
  • Works the cardiovascular system
  • Helps with breath control
  • Balances body and mind, reducing stress and anxiety

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