Wellness Workshops

~ An oasis in a hectic day ~

Wellness Workshops include: healthful deep breathing exercises, stretches and gentle movements designed for the workplace (done from seated and standing positions) plus simple, effective mindfulness meditation techniques. No special equipment or prior experience with exercise or meditation required. Individuals of any age and physical condition may participate; comfortable, casual business attire is recommended. Handouts to reinforce the practice are provided.

Clients have included Biogen/IDEC, Bridgewater State University, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Dunkin’ Brands, Duxbury Adult Education, Genzyme, Mass Eye & Ear, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Ocean Spray, Simmons College, Takeda, Town of Barnstable, UMass Boston, among others.

The interactive workshops are designed to:

  • Combat repetitive stress injuries
  • Improve productivity and concentration
  • Increase overall well-being and health
  • Reduce physical and mental fatigue


Stress Buster Workshop: Stretch ~ Relax ~ Renew

  • Is stress keeping you from doing and feeling your best?
  • Does that “3 o’clock slump” regularly bring you down…figuratively and literally?
  • Looking for simple ways to feel and be healthier?

Experience deep breathing, feel-good stretching and simple relaxation exercises that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine – at work, at home or while traveling. This workshop is designed to help prevent or counteract common work-related issues such as repetitive stress-related discomfort and/or injuries, eye strain, headaches, and back and neck pain caused by constant forward-bending tasks, poor posture and too much sitting. A brief meditation ends the session to help participants transition back to work feeling renewed and refreshed.

Meditation: It’s Not What You Think

“A mind too active is no mind at all.” – Theodore Roethke

Meditation helps quiet the mind, calm the emotions, and promote peace and serenity. The positive effects are well documented: heart and respiration rates slow, blood pressure drops, and physical symptoms of stress decrease. Although we may be aware of the benefits, for many of us meditation is a challenge: I can’t find the time. I’ve tried meditation but couldn’t concentrate. I can’t sit still for that long. Sound familiar? This workshop includes simple ways to introduce, reintroduce, or reinforce a regular and beneficial practice of mindfulness meditation.

It does not mean to be in a place
where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.
It means to be in the midst of those things
and still be calm in your heart.” – Unknown

4-Week Meditation Series: Taking Time to Meditate

This series explores different aspects of meditation to help participants deepen their practice.

Week 1 – Remembering to Breathe: Benefits of Focusing on Our Breath
Week 2 – Slowing Down: Meditation through Movement
Week 3 – Paying Attention: Meditation as a Tool to Focus
Week 4 – Learning to Let Go: We Are Not in the Driver’s Seat

Energy Balancing for Health and Harmony

Our energy centers (known in Eastern traditions as chakras, or “wheel”) play an essential role in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. It is through these centers that life force energy is processed. Lifetime experiences – illness, trauma and stress – may cause blockages, leading to imbalances, illness and repetitive patterns of unhealthy behavior. Enjoy a restorative energy tune-up through calming breathing techniques and focused exercises, promoting health, vitality and harmony.

Back Talk: Relieve & Prevent Back Pain

Over 80% of Americans will experience back pain in their lifetime. Are you one of them? This workshop is designed for individuals who experience minor back problems and those who want to prevent back pain from occurring. We will explore common causes – poor posture, too much sitting, stress, incorrect or insufficient exercise – and enjoy easy, therapeutic exercises to help relieve minor back pain, strengthen the back and prevent injury.

The Healing Power of Laughter

Medical research has proven something we all know: Laughter is good for us – physically, mentally and emotionally. A hearty laugh reduces stress and anxiety, strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, lessens pain, burns calories, and makes us smarter (really!). Experience the natural joys and healing benefits of therapeutic laughter, combined with deep breathing and feel-good stretching. Be prepared to stretch, breathe…and LOL!

“Laughter is an instant vacation.” – Milton Berle

Professional Growth Workshops

Getting Published: Get Started!

Do you have a book idea stuck in your head? Or a manuscript hidden in a drawer? If you see yourself as an author but don’t know how to get from here…to there, this workshop will guide you through the initial steps. Learn how to get organized, research potential publishers, write an effective query letter, what needs to be included in a proposal, and whether self-publishing may or may not be right for you. The workshop is designed to get your book writing engine revving!

Reignite Your Creativity Spark

Feel stuck? A “creativity jumpstart” could be just the boost you need. Through interactive discussions and exercises, this workshop helps participants identify common roadblocks – external and internal – and utilize fun, hands-on techniques to reframe and overcome them. Effective small group brainstorming will help identify and clear away internal roadblocks. Based on her successful publishing experiences, Olivia provides information and inspiration to ignite your creativity spark!

For information about workshops and fees, email Olivia here.