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Lotus Flower Meditation

The lotus flower has long been a symbol of perfection, purity, and simplicity. While the lotus blossom represents perfection and purity, its roots are firmly grounded in the mud. Without the basic element of earth the plant could not survive, grow or blossom. Lotus flower reminds us that while we may strive for higher awareness, we can’t forget our connection to the earth

• Sit in any comfortable position with your spine extended. Close your eyes. • Inhale deeply, imagining a lotus blossom at your heart center. • Exhale, acknowledging the connection from your physical body to cosmic consciousness. • Inhale. With each exhalation, allow the lotus flower to continue unfolding. • Gaze at the beautiful open flower. Notice that the blossom holds a gift. • Ask yourself: What gift does the lotus flower hold for me? • Focus on the precious gift the Lotus Flower of Your Heart brings  an insight, message, or vision. How will you use this gift? • When you are ready, allow the image to fade away, knowing that it will remain there for you whenever you need its special qualities.

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