We’re not grateful because we’re happy; we’re happy because we’re grateful. 

Studies show that when we smile, we relax hundreds of muscles in our body. The body sends a positive message to the mind and we feel calmer, happier, and more at peace. 

· Sit comfortably with a tall, extended spine; shoulders are down and away from the ears. 

· Close your eyes. Inhale deeply as you imagine breathing in pure, positive energy. 

· Exhale slowly, expelling all negativity. 

· Continue inhaling positive energy and exhaling negative thoughts for as long as you wish. 

· Allow a smile to grace your lips. 

· Inhale and say: I feel happy. Exhale and say: Because I am

· Repeat for several more rounds (inhale: happy / exhale: I am). 

This simple meditation can be practiced anywhere, anytime. Just smile and breathe! 


· Promotes feelings of happiness and serenity 

· Slows the “monkey mind” by bringing you back to the present moment 

· Reduces blood pressure and heart rate 

· Calms the entire being 

~ from Essential Yoga