As more people are finding out, a regular yoga practice has many health benefits. Gentle stretches and movement, deep breathing, and mindfulness can introduce wellness into our lives that extend beyond the yoga mat. You may find yourself sitting straighter, standing taller, taking fuller breaths, becoming more aware, and feeling more centered. Here are a few great reasons to incorporate yoga into your life! 

1. Flexibility

Healing Yoga Deck Card 26 Illustration
Kneeling Lunge from The Healing Yoga Deck

Yup, “use it or lose it” is all too true. Yoga is one of the best way to improve your range of motion, help prevent injuries and ensure that you keep moving as you age! Some great poses for flexibility include: Triangle, Forward Bend, Bound Angle, Kneeling Lunge.

2. Muscle Strength and Tone

Downward dog illustration
Downward Dog from The Yoga Deck

Practicing yoga improves and maintains muscle health, keeping you strong and fit. A few strengthening poses include Warrior I & Warrior II, Victory Pose, Downward Dog, Plank.

3. Balance

Healing Yoga Deck Card 34 Illustration
Balancing the Cat from The Healing Yoga Deck

Yoga helps you attain physical, mental and emotional balance, increasing concentration, self-awareness and acceptance. Improve your balance with Tree, Warrior III, Eagle, Balancing the Cat.

4. Posture and Back Health

Sit up straighter and taller, allowing you to take fuller breaths. Go for Blade, Seated Cat/Cow, Shoulder Shrugs & Circles, Mountain.

5. More Energy

Breath of Fire Yoga Pose
Breath of Fire from The Healing Yoga Deck

Yoga poses, combined with deep, full breaths, promote health and vitality. Try Breath of Fire, Chair, Standing Backbend, Upward Dog.

Now that I’ve convinced you (hopefully!) of the wonderful benefits of yoga – flexibility, strength, balance, better posture, and energy – I hope you’ll try some of the suggested postures and breathing exercises. They all can be found in The Yoga Deck and The Healing Yoga Deck. To your health!